Soehnle Industrial Solutions is one of the leading European companies in professional weighing and measuring technology. In addition to our proven standard scales for trade, commerce and industry as well as medical, health and veterinary requirements, we also provide customized products tailored to customer’s needs.

We develop and produce mainly in Germany and distribute our high-quality products around the world. All components of our scales are stored as spare parts so that we can guarantee a professional maintenance over many years at both the factory as well as our service partners. Our well-thought out product range offers a plethora of products that make life easier. From innovative or classic scales for kitchen and bathroom – an extensive selection is available for a balanced, everyday life. Innovative body analysis personal scales, digital or classics personal and kitchen scales all of them score with best quality and top-level design. With our help it all comes down to balance.

The foundation of well-being is sufficient physical activity, healthy diet and the proper balance in life. Yet finding the right balance and harmony in everyday life can take additional energy and power – Soehnle can help. The quality is the difference for our kitchen scales – nobody wants to compromise when it comes to the truly important things in life. Not even when it comes to cooking and culinary joys, where best results are highly dependent on reliable partners. We are here to help you find this partner through our range of products with super beautiful designs! Kitchen scales with very flat design, saving space and easy to clean with sensor touch operation there’s not much drama when it comes to work! You can now save space, ensure easy and comfortable operation; just a slight touch is all that’s needed!