Our story began many years ago at United Kingdom. It was in 1935 that appliances such as irons, kettles, toasters and fires first made their way into people’s homes. However, these were luxury items, so the time was right to offer well designed electrical goods that fell within the average housewife’s budget. Seeing this opportunity, Donal Morphy teamed up with Charles Richards. The pair had worked together in the past, Morphy as an engineer and Richards as a salesman. On 8th July 1936, they registered their new enterprises as a private company manufacturing and dealing in electrical, gas, radio and television equipment. Today we are actively facing the challenge of a changing market place, constantly aware of the need to find innovative ways of meeting consumer needs as well as adapting to new methods of retail distribution. Currently more households in the UK have a Morphy Rischards product than any other small appliance brand – Morphy Richards efforts are dedicated to a future where this will continue to be the rule.

See Morphy Richards’s wonderful products with innovative designs and smart solutions that will transform your kitchen and make your life easier! Elegant and stylish electrical appliances, with simple features, that every modern household must possess as they will meet all your requirements! Thanks to the modern designs and the bright colors your kitchen will get the glamour that it deserves! So transform it with our modern kettles, stylish toasters and coffee makers in the color you like.

Our powerful irons with the incredible steam power turn ironing to a game. End the fight against the stubborn creases, and save your precious time! Morphy Richards irons understand your needs! For this reason, they were designed with high-quality features and technology so that the ironing process can be done in a surprisingly quick time without any compromise on the result! With fast warmth and without waiting, it’s ready as soon as you are! With powerful steam wherever needed! And for one step further, for all of you who demand only the very best, we present you the ultimate steam power! The Morphy Richards ironing system with the huge 6.5 bar pressure that gives the ultimate steam output! It is ideal for removing even the most persistent creases even in the toughest and hardest fabrics. And if you ask for more, we are sure that the automatic cleaning function will excite you, since all the hard work is done by itself with no hassle! A process that takes only 2.5 minutes – time that the iron needs to warm up before you start ironing.

At Morphy Richards we understand that you don’t always have the time to prepare and cook homemade nutritious meals from scratch and be there to monitor cooking. But we all want to have these daily, homemade, delicious and healthy meals that now can be prepared without any trouble! Morphy Richards slow cookers will help you get this privilege for great meals that you will share with the people you love! Take a look at their category and find the perfect one for you. Now you can transform the cooking process with food preparation products such as mixers, blenders, and juicers. See now how you can make the time you spend in the kitchen more relaxed, fast and easy!